Custom Document Automation for South Carolina Law Firms

We do the automation, so you can do the important things.

You’re here because you want your firm to stay ahead of the curve.  You want to exceed your clients’ expectations of value.  You’ve been looking for a sophisticated document automation system that works.  You haven’t been able to find one – until now.

We provide advanced document automation to law firms on a turn-key basis, at an affordable price.  Written by attorneys, for attorneys.

Here’s how we can make your firm more productive:

• We can automate your pleadings, motions, notices, orders, discovery requests and responses, agreements, affidavits, memoranda, court forms, form and one-of-a-kind correspondence, emails (including the body of the email), and any other document commonly used in the litigation process.

• In fact, we can automate almost any document that your firm uses that has repetitive aspects and predictable variations, even those that you think of as being completely unique.  By not wasting precious firm time repeating work, you and your staff are able to focus on generating value for your clients.

• Not only do we automate your documents, but we make the process of sending them out via mail or email a seamless part of your team’s workflow by integrating those actions into our system’s standard capabilities.

• The documents that we generate are sophisticated, of high legal quality and finished professionally.  Customizable versions are available if your firm’s unique aesthetic is an important part of your brand.

• All documents produced are “first drafts,” subject to review and editing by a competent, licensed supervising attorney.  AbraDocs will only be licensed to licensed attorneys and law firms, and any use thereof by persons who are not licensed attorneys or law firms is prohibited.

Coronavirus Rules revisions: The System has been expanded to include templates to implement the S.C. Supreme Court’s Coronavirus Orders, including provisions for Webex hearings; consent divorce decrees without a hearing, certifications in lieu of affidavits/testimony; service and, where implemented, filing by email; ESigning documents by lawyers; Webex hearing request forms; certifications in foreclosure and eviction actions re: Coronavirus Act compliance.

User Testimonial

Our job is to make your firm more productive.  One of our attorney clients who practices law in South Carolina recently wrote us an unsolicited email about her integration of our system into her firm’s daily routines:

Love it! Discovering Abradocs has been one of the best improvements to my law practice! It not only saves time, and reduces possibility for typographical errors, it has made me a better lawyer! I am constantly finding better ways to accomplish tasks and communicate with clients, the court, and opposing counsel. A new staff member can create great first drafts just by paying attention to data entry, even if they have no legal experience. Abradocs is always willing to update forms, add forms, and customize forms in a way that is helpful to my practice.

Nancy Jo Thomason
Family Court Lawyer

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