Our Ongoing Goals and Aspirations:

• Make paralegals twice as efficient.

• Automate 80-90% of the litigation documents, correspondence, emails, and other documents lawyers and paralegals produce on a regular basis.

• Produce both unique and workflow documents, correspondence and emails.

• Make the production of complex documents routine.

• Make it possible for lawyers to practice without a secretary (if they wish). Or from home (if they must).

• Produce “ready to go” documents, or, if that isn’t possible, a good first draft.

• Instantly set up “one of a kind” letters, emails and other documents, so that the lawyer or paralegal only spends time on the “meat” of the document.

• Continually improve the system in quality and scale.

• Build excellence into the automation, so that the work product projects elegance and quality.

• You should not be able to tell the difference between a letter or other document produced by our system, and a bespoke document which was hand-prepared by a fine legal assistant or paralegal.

• Continue to make Magic.