Product Overview

Abradocs is the only comprehensive document assembly system focused on general litigation, correspondence and emails. We make the production of complex documents routine.

The Technology

• Created in Hotdocs, the pre-eminent document automation platform.¹

• Seamlessly integrates with your everyday working programs: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, FedEx Shipping (etc.)

• We built our infrastructure from the ground up, initially focusing on the clerical documents a paralegal would draft on a day to day basis, including correspondence, and gradually added emails and more specialized documents to that basic platform.  The system already contains over 250 templates, and we constantly add templates and improve the system.

• Coded by attorneys, for attorneys.

• We know the details matter.

• AbraDocs is a working system, not a promise.

How It Works in Your Practice

• A master interview efficiently gathers relevant information about the case and the people in it.  Branching logic eliminates irrelevant questions for efficiency and user friendliness.  True one-time data entry.  The information entered can be used to generate any number of different documents through the end of each case.

• Automatically revises pronouns, verbs, plurals, possessives, adjectives and other language throughout your document when your interview choices change. Quickly and easily sets up “one of a kind” letters, emails (including the body of the email), pleadings, motions, notices, orders, discovery requests and responses, agreements, affidavits, memoranda, court forms, and other documents, so that the lawyer or paralegal only spends time on the “meat” of the document. While AbraDocs is ready “out of the box,” documents, correspondence and emails can also be customized to your firm’s specific requirements.

¹AbraDocs is comprised of a series of templates for use with the Hotdocs document automation program.  A separate user license must be obtained from Hotdocs Corporation in order to use AbraDocs. AbraDocs is not affiliated with Hotdocs Corporation.